Wishing Shell

Wishing Shell is a magical seashell that can grant any wish made by whoever finds it. After the Wishing Shell is found, it bonds to that person, and only grants wishes he or she makes. Wishing Shells are rare and nearly impossible to find.

Zac Blakely once found a wishing shell and unknowingly wished that his sister Mimmi and his friends Ondina and Weilan could see him as a child, which resulted them traveling back in time. There is a brief struggle when Ondina hurts young Zac's feelings as they search for the shell only to find out from a younger Rita that only the person who originally found the shell can use it. Fortunately, they managed to convince young Zac to wish things back as they were after Ondina apologizes for being mean to him and Mimmi bonds with him all over again.

The shell was last seen in Zac's garage.


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