Will's House is more like a wooden shack, which is situated on the edge of a canal.

Will Benjamin lives there alone, as his parents thought he needed his own space.

His house is rather small, with a small seating area, a large wooden desk and lots of shelves and work tops, where Will keeps all of his diving gear and lots of different shells and other items that he has collected whilst diving.

It is unknown if Will actually sleeps in his house, as there is no bed.

There have been some memorable scenes at Will's House. Here are some:

  • Will finds out about the rare shell that Bella gave him.
  • Will starts to find out about Mako Island, Bella, the full moon, water and the moon pool.
  • Will receives his new swimming gear, which is a large fin.
  • Will deliberately spills water on Bella, exposing her secret.
  • Sophie copies Bellas idea for a fundraising event for dolphin rescue.
  • Will practices asking Bella to the dance with Rikki, making Bella mad.
  • The set of the outside scenes were in the center of Gold Coast near the set of the outside scenes of Zac's Garage. Show me on the map

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