Water Tentacle


Water animated by the Moon Pool's magic
Energized Water
Speed Swimming
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Alert Merpeople of the comet
Used by Merpeople to stop a comet

Water Tentacle first appeared in the episode "The Awakening" when Will Benjamin accidentally witnessed a powerful mystical force on Mako Island.

It is believed that the water tentacle and the large waterfall that covered the wall around the Moon Pool was caused by the Full Moon. It was later revealed that the appearance of the Comet Eva is what activated the water tentacle. And it appeared during full moons, when the moon's light would reach the Moon Pool, which was required for the magic, to show the danger of the comet, to work.

Rikki Chadwick, Cleo Sertori and Isabella Hartley have all been attacked by the water tentacle. Cleo was the first to been attacked by the water tentacle, but wasn't taken to the Moon Pool. She was attacked in her bathroom, where the water tentacle came up the drain pipe and out the bath. Rikki was kidnapped by the water tentacle and taken to the Moon Pool, however the water tentacle didn't get the chance to start turning Rikki into water, as Bella and Cleo stopped it. Then in "Kidnapped," Bella was kidnapped by the water tentacle and taken to Mako Island. When she arrives in the Moon Pool, the water tentacle starts turning Bella into water, however Rikki and Cleo manage to save her.

The Water Tentacle is revealed to be friendly and it gives the Mermaids a message about a Comet Eva. The Comet entered into our Solar System on February 7th, it is also the same day the water tentacle activated.

In 1740, an Irish mermaid, Eva, used the water tentacle to create Tower of Light. Cleo used Hydrokinesis to create an artificial water tentacle because the magic at the Moon Pool was gone due to destruction caused by Ryan Tate, Sophie Benjamin and Zane Bennett. Merpeople must use their powers at the water tentacle to create a Tower of Light.