Is it just me or is Cleo wearing Emma's locket in series 3????

Here is Cleo's locket in Series 3, is that a CLEAR STONE??

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Here is Cleo's locket in Series 1 with a BLUE STONE

I am certain that she is wearing Emma's locket, if so why???? I could understand if Emma gave it to Cleo, but i am sure she didn't, or if Cleo suddenly got Emma's freezing power and Emma got Cleo's water shaping power, but they havent....

Have a look at these 2 pictures. The one on the right is Cleo's locket in series 1 which you can easily see the Blue Stone. The one on the left is Cleo is series 3 and i am certain that the stone on that locket is Clear?!

I do apologise for the picture not being very clear, but it is the best picture i could find.

Please leave your comments about this, as i am sure i am not the only person to spot this. Lets find out if and why Cleo has Emma's locket...

Thank you, please help me ;)

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