Portrayed by:
Alice Hunter
15-16 (Season 1)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Best Friends:
Love Interests:

Tiffany is supposed to be a friend to Miriam but is treated more like an unworthy sidekick.


In "Something Fishy" Cleo's younger sister Kim finds Cleo's diary Miriam and Tiffany finds Cleo's diary Miriam and Tiffany enter a costume competition. Miriam says "I'll win" and adds quickly "Tiffany'll get runner up." Tiffany won the costume competition, after Kim riped Miriam's mermaid outfit apart.

Tiffany had a crush on Lewis, but he doesn't take much notice of her. Both she and Miriam are not seen again after the episode "Love Potion #9", for unknown reasons.


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