• Although episodes 14 and 15 are unnamed until this coming Friday, we can still add descriptions and photos for these episode pages. Please turn these 2 episodes on the main page into hyperlinks so that we can can add photos and the following descriptions:

    Episode 14: Zac struggles to come to terms with the news that he is a real merman and was given up for adoption at birth by Mimmi's mother. To help him through this, Mimmi, his biological sister, tries to form a relationship with her new-found brother.

    Episode 15: After coming in contact with water from the magical moon pool, Cam is thrilled to discover he has power and control over water. He decides to use this to his advantage by gaining a place in the school swimming team.

    Thaniks very much! 


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    • What? Does Cam get a tail too? I want spoilers!! 

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    • No, Cam does not get a tail. He and Zac test that theory, and no tail appears. He only has powers to control water.

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    • Do we have names for those episodes? I myself don't have access to Netflix, so I can't check from there.

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    • We won't know the episode names until Friday, when they are released on Netflix. But we can at least add episode descriptions and photos because the episodes have already been aired. We can add the episode names on Friday.

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