Terry Chadwick

Terry Chadwick

Portrayed By
Andy McPhee
47-48 (Season 2)
Rikki Chadwick (daughter)
Unnamed Ex-Wife
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Terry Chadwick is Rikki's father. Terry and his wife have divorced due to problems with money, and the arguments they got into over it. He appeared in a total of two episodes during Series 2. He doesn't appear in the third season. Not much is known about him, besides the fact Rikki once said he always forgets her birthday.

Rikki's father's occupation is unknown. The only hint the audience have about Terry is his hobby, which is working on motorcycles. This could imply that he is an auto-mechanic, although he never succeeded in fixing his motorcycle, and Zane eventually ended up fixing it, to earn Terry's approval.

Terry was struggling to pay bills. Rikki once helped out when she dove for sunken treasure to get the reward money.


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