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Who is Valerie Jackson?????????

bellas powers

if bella wouldnt of gone into the cave by herself she would of had only one of the powers she has like geldikinesis but not all. like charlotte watsford she went into the water by herself and got all three power so it proves the more people in the moon pool or cave the less powers in other words for example if only cleo and emma went into the moon pool together one of them would of gotten the power of ricki ( 22:33, April 16, 2012 (UTC))

Talk:Isbella hartely

bella is mermaid. she turn into a mermaid when she was 9. Her power is Gelidkinesis she as her best friends there to rikki,and cleo and she never met Emma.She has boyfriend name Wil and he figure out that bella is mermaid she though Sophie was hes Gf she was only in seson 3 and rikki and cleo firgure that bella was a mermaid in season3 eposie1 actully bellla out first and i can't tell u what happen because i don't want to get tourble and btw she save mako island to last finale season and we don't know her family members at all . and last thing i have to tell you she sings in Rikki's it a store that zane and rikki did and she is now 22 years old now and her real name is indiana evans and any more Question ask me and mermaid out. p.s new show call ael/ein surf girl at teen nick it comes out june 1st and 8:00pm .

cleos power

why does cleos explanation of power (the paragraph on her power) doesnt have no weakness but emmas,ect does.This no weakness thing makes people think of cleo as the super mermaid when they are all the same cleo does anyway have weaknessis for example when there is no water around,No hands losse(when tied up.I think that should be edited since cleo is not a super mermaid there all strong in there own way

I think the weaknesses are mainly mentioned to prevent people thinking Emma can throw ice shards or Rikki could do steam blasts.--KillerZ 20:58, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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