School House

South Coast High School is the school in Australia on the Gold Coast where the four mermaids: Cleo, Emma, Rikki and Bella and their friend Lewis, and most of the other main characters attend.

Second Year
Third Year
  • Isabella Hartley and Will Benjamin join the school in third year.
  • Emma Gilbert and Elliot Gilbert leave the school to travel with their family.
  • Lewis leaves school early to finish his studies in America.
  • Cleo, Rikki, Bella, and Will graduate.

Faculty Members

  • Ms. Taylor is the science teacher at the school.
  • Ms. Scarf is the physical fitness teacher at the school.
  • Mr. Ham was Cleo's biology teacher in the second season.

Known Students


  • The name of the school in real life is Somerset College.
  • The school's name appears on Kim's report card on the episode Missed the Boat.
  • The school's moto is "Values & Trust."
  • The same school was used to film Suncoast High scenes for Mako: Island of Secrets.


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