List of songs

H2O: Just Add Water

By Ellie Henderson:

By Kate Alexa:

  • "No Ordinary Girl"
  • "Where We Belong"
  • "Tonight"
  • "Waiting Here"
  • "Somebody Out There"
  • "You're Everything"
  • "I Let Go"
  • "Another Now"
  • "Help Me Find My Way"
  • "Nobody Knows"
  • "I Won't Walk Away"
  • "We Are Together"
  • "Feel It Too"
  • "Way To The Top"
  • "Falling Out"

By Indiana Evans:

Mako Mermaids

By Chantelle Defina and Jack Dacy:

  • "I Just Wanna Be"

By Amy Ruffle:

  • "Across the Sea"
  • "Way I'm Feeling"
  • "Save Me"
  • "Stay With Me"
  • "Shine Your Light"
  • "In My Garden"
  • "Time Stands Still"
  • "Right At Home"
  • "The Deep Blue Sea"
  • "Song to Siren" (with Ruby Dacy)
  • "Mako Cafe Too"
  • "I'll Be Your Today"
  • "Feelin Free"
  • "Away"
  • "Want To Be With You"
  • "If You Want"
  • "Run to Me"
  • "Big Mistake"
  • "Waiting for You"

By Brooke Nichole Lee:

  • "Fly Away with You"
  • "How it Hurts"
  • "Show Me"
  • "Just Not Giving Up"

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