Siren Singing


Cleo Sertori (when affected by the Full Moon)
Canadian Mermaid
To make a boy follow said mermaid

Siren Singing is a musical/voice-related magical ability that allows a mermaid to put a men into an irresistible, hypnotic trance in which he will follow them wherever they go. Some natural mermaids have this ability, however, it is not possessed by all mermaids. The Full Moon can grant it to a human-turned-mermaid while they are under its influence.


In this trance, the person follows the mermaid wherever she goes. In myths, sirens would sing their hypnotic tunes to attract and lure sailors to their deaths. Some mermaid pods made the Enchantment Song strictly forbidden, and the Mako Pod being not the exception. However, in other mermaid pods it is unknown whether they allow the Enchantment Song.

In the Northern Pods, they have their own Enchantment Song. Their song can enchant mermaids from other pods, but not northern mermaids, as evidenced by Mimmi's immunity. In The Siren, Sirena watches a video of a Canadian Mermaid singing to a kayaker and becomes enchanted by the song. She becomes obsessed with David and follows him around. This song also enchants a boy and makes him forget who he is, their lives, and invokes a desire to be with that mermaid.

However, the Northern Pod's Enchantment Song's hold on a foreign mermaid can be broken if the siren's voice is drowned out by the serenade of other mermaids from different pods when they sing the counter version of the Enchantment Song. When a mermaid used the siren song during the Full Moon effect, then the songs are reversed only when the full moon sets.