Power Play


Air Date:
23 February 2010
Directed by:
Colin Budds
Written by:
Anthony Morris
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Power Play is 15th episode in Season 3 of H2O: Just Add Water.


Sophie steals an idea from Bella for a fund raising concert at the café and presents it as her own to Rikki, gaining kudos for it as well as the responsibility to organize it. Bella feels misunderstood when nobody appears to notice Sophie's underhanded dealings – especially when Sophie purposely drops Bella's band from the event. But Rikki discovers the truth when the fundraising concert nearly collapses due to Sophie's mismanagement. Rikki realizes Bella has been right all along and fires Sophie from the café. Cleo faces a power struggle of her own as Samantha moves in and introduces her touch to the Sertori home. A fight develops over the use of the bathroom with difficulties for Cleo – until Samantha recognizes what Kim is up to and finds a way to repay her for Cleo.


  • The song featured, "Your Everything", is the incorrect spelling, although it is credited and marketed that way. The song's name was used in the series two song, spelled correctly.



  • Featured Song: "Your Everything"





H2O - just add water S3 E15 - Power Play (full episode)

H2O - just add water S3 E15 - Power Play (full episode)