Love Potion #9


Air Date:
15 December 2006
Directed by:
Jeffrey Walker
Written by:
Anthony Morris
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Love Potion #9 is the 24th episode in Season 1 of H2O: Just Add Water.


Lewis thinks he's found a way to control the girl's mermaidness. The school dance brings all our heroines' "boy issues" to the surface.


It's the school dance and Cleo and Emma have boy issues. Cleo wants Lewis to ask her and Emma wants Byron, but neither boy gets the message. On top of this, as much as they want to attend, there is the very real risk of water disasters at the dance. Lewis thinks he's found a way to control the girl's mermaidness in the form of a waterproof spray. It works a treat until of course the girls start going redder than beetroots. Totally embarrassed, the girls escape to the Moon Pool. Lewis goes to find them and they blame him for ruining the dance for them. But he tells Emma that Byron really likes her, and Rikki that Zane has been asking after her all night so Emma and Rikki go back to the dance to meet their boys. Left with Cleo he discovers why she's really upset. Cleo reveals her feelings for Lewis and they kiss each other.


  • The last appearances of Miriam KentTiffany, and Byron for reasons unknown.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Cleo and Lewis' relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.




Nate: Cleo! wear something short... and tight.
(Cleo walks back)
Rikki: That was short.
Cleo: And tight...

Cleo: Ready to go?
Nate: I thought I told you to wear something short and tight.
Don: WHAT??!

Lewis: Byron's still at the dance, in case you're wondering.
Emma: Not for long. He'll be walking Miriam home soon. Since he asked her, he'll feel responsible...
Lewis: But he didn't ask her! She asked him!
Emma: She did?!
Lewis: Yes! Tiffany told me between handstands!




H2O - just add water S1 E24 - Love Potion (full episode)

H2O - just add water S1 E24 - Love Potion (full episode)