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Sea Caves of Ireland

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Sea Caves of Ireland


Natural Pool connected to the ocean and the moon
Found in:
Sea Caves of Ireland (Ireland)
Transforming humans into merpeople
Creating a Water Tentacle
Its magic is active only during the Full Moon
Simulating a Full Moon with Crystals
Tower of Light is made from its water
Planetary alignment variations:
Enhance the powers of Merpeople
Removing the powers of Merpeople forever
Removing the powers of merpeople for just 12 hours

Sea Caves of Ireland were discovered in the 1740 by an Irish woman, named Eva. Eva became a mermaid, and saved the Earth from a comet that was later named after her. Eva was never seen again after that.


When the moon is full, she passes in the front of the Sea Caves of Ireland and liberates magic in the water. During this time, any human that stay on the Moon Pool, will be transformed into a mermaid/merman and given specials powers over water. When the Comet Eva is about to collide with Earth, the Moon Pool creates a Water Tentacle to warn the mermaids about the comet. Her magic is active only in the Full Moon.


During the 90s, a young girl named Isabella Hartley who was living in Ireland at that time, discovered the Sea Caves of Ireland. She jumped in a Moon Pool, and the Full Moon passed in front of the cave doing something magical to the water. Nine years-old Bella became a mermaid and the Moon Pool of that place gave her Gelidkinesis and Substanciakinesis powers. Years later, Bella found a crystal at the bottom of the Moon Pool, and she tied on a string and wears it since.


The Moon Pool's magic is active only during a full moon. During this time, any human who jumps into the pool when the moon passes over, will be turned into a mermaid or merman, and given special individual powers. The Moon and the pool generate different magnetism and effects depending on the moon's phases and the planetary alignments. When nearing collision with a comet, the pool's temperature will rise in preparation for it.

Special Planetary Alignment

During a rare planetary alignment, the moon will increase the powers of a mermaid/merman if they are in the Moon Pool during the alignment. Mermaids/mermen with the power of Gelidkinesis and Substanciakinesis probably will receive Geokinesis, the power to control the earth.

The Moon of Fifty Years

At every fifty years another planetary alignment takes place. If a human-turned mermaid/merman is in the Moon Pool during this alignment, they will lose mermaid powers, returning to Human.

Lunar Eclipse

During the Lunar Eclipse, the mermaid/merman who is in the Moon Pool, lose their powers only for 12 hours. After 12 hours, their tails will return, along with his/her powers.


  • There are two known Moon Pools in the world, one in Mako Island, in Australia and the other in the Sea Caves of Ireland, in Ireland.
  • Its magic is active only at Full Moon.
  • Since Ireland is located on the northern hemisphere, it might be possible that this moon pool belongs to the Northern pod.


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