Poseidon licking his nose

Domesticated Cat
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Portrayed By:
Gemma Forsyth (as Evie's clone in Evie Times Two)

Poseidon is an exotic white longhaired Chinchilla cat. He is Rita's closest friend and companion, guarding her house and possessions and also has his very own mystical secret.

Once Poseidon stepped on some mermaid potions and was able to transform into a human form. Right before he did that he made contact with Evie, and then took her form. Poseidon left the house with David and went to Ocean Cafe and later to the beach, where he got to try chocolate milk for the first time. He was turned back into a cat by Nixie.

On another occasion, Erik was accidently transformed into Poseidon's replica when Ondina tried to replicate pearl and accidently hit the mirror with the spell, causing it to bounce back to an urn containing golden spider coral. The substance sprayed on Erik and Poseidon, causing the former to transform. When Ondina tried to reverse the replication spell, it created two more replicas instead. Mimmi managed to replicate the golden spider coral and combine it with the replication spell to restore Erik.


  • Poseidon is named after Greek sea god Poseidon.
  • Every merperson, except Rita, Zac, Evie, Erik, and Weilan (who have all been accustomed to land life before first seeing him), has been at one point frightened by his presence.