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The Opening Credits of Mako: Island of Secrets are simple but great at the same time. They are composed of various scenes from episodes including some deleted scenes. The only actor who has been at each opening is Chai Romruen.

Name Clips

Season 1

The opening credits of the first season includes Lucy Fry, Ivy Latimer, Amy Ruffle, and Chai Hansen. Every main character has two name clips. Lyla and Sirena have one clip as humans and one clip as mermaids under water, but Nixie has an clip as a human and one clip as a mermaid with head afloat, and Zac has an one clip as a merman under water.

Season 2

Opening credits of the second season includes Amy Ruffle, Isabel Durant, Allie Bertram, Gemma Forsyth, Alex Cubis and Chai Hansen. Opening credits of second season have changed a lot by changing characters. Now Sirena and the new mermaids have received two clips on land and a clip like mermaid underwater, Evie receives two clips as human, but none as mermaid, and mermen one on land and another underwater swimming.

Season 3

Opening credits of the third season includes Isabel Durant, Allie Bertram, Linda Ngo, Gemma Forsyth, and Chai Hansen. Now with the new Chinese mermaid she is the only new member in the opening of the third season. Ondina and Weilan receives two clips on land and one underwater, while Mimmi receives one clip on land, one on the water and one on the surface of the water with her head out, Evie receives two clips as human as she loses her tail during the show and Zac receive receives one clip on land and another underwater.

Theme Song


In this world,
We're all alone,
You know I love my island home,
We'll make this right,
find our way,
Through this mystery!

I just wanna be,
Swimming in the sea,
Now it's just you and me,
Forever, ever, ever.

I just wanna be,
With you feeling free,
It's my destiny,
Forever, ever, ever.

Together, forever, Together lying in the sun,
Together, And ever,

Just be you and me,
I just wanna be!

Mako mermaids-i just wanna be lyrics

Mako mermaids-i just wanna be lyrics

I Just Wanna Be by Chantelle Defina