Ms. Trumble

Ms. Trumble

Portrayed by:
Barbara Lowing
39-40 (Season 3)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Ms. Trumble was a science teacher in Suncoast High. Now she is the current school's director.


Ms. Trumble is introduced as the strict and pompous science teacher at Suncoast High. She originally applied to become the school principle but lost the position to Rita Santos. She is shown to be arrogant, as she believed there was no chance of her losing the position of principal to anyone and laughed when Rita expressed interest in the position too when they both first applied. Ever since Ms. Trumble lost the position to Rita, she has held a great deal of resentment towards her and would gleefully take any opportunity she could to make her look bad and steal her position. She is greatly disliked not only by Rita, but by her students as well due to her pompous attitude and strict demeanor, being nicknamed "Ms. Trouble" by her students. Ms. Trumble has desired to become the principal of Suncoast High for years; she finally got her chance when Rita decided to give up her position.


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