Ms. Scarf

Ms Scarf

Portrayed By:
Caroline Stainsby
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Ms. Scarf is physical fitness teacher at the South Coast High School.

She approached Rikki Chadwick and Emma Gilbert in school, because of their lack of attending the swimming lessons. She mentioned she needs a beach volleyball team, and "volunteered" Rikki and Emma for the team. Rikki then asked that doesn't she need four members. And just after that Cleo Sertori came to them and Ms. Scarf "volunteered" her to the team as well.

Later, Charlotte Watsford volunteered to be the fourth member of the volleyball team. Ms. Scarf had only few days to train the girls before the competition. There, the girls by using their powers won the competition. Ms. Scarf was overly joyous over the victory.