Mrs. Geddes


Portrayed By:
Andrea Moor
42-43 (Season 1)
43-44 (Season 2)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Mrs. Geddes is a manager of Sea World. She's very strict to her workers, even to Cleo.


Mrs. Geddes becomes more strict over time. Cleo was late to her job, and was feeding Ronnie, although she was not supposed to, Cleo laughed at Mrs. Geddes after Ronnie splashed her. Mrs. Geddes fired Cleo and later hired Lewis. Emma and Rikki were convinced that Lewis was the reason Cleo was fired, and they went to the Sea World to make the job hard for him. Emma and Rikki forgot to close the gate while escaping, causing Ronnie to get out and Mrs. Geddes to accuse Lewis of the dolphin's disappearance. Cleo, Emma and Rikki returned Ronnie to the Sea World. Mrs. Geddes apologized to Lewis and re-hired Cleo.

Mrs. Geddes made a total of two appearances in Season 1 which were in "Party Girls" and "Something Fishy." She last appeared in the episode "In Hot Water." Mrs. Geddes does not make an appearance in Season 3.