Mr. Singh

Mr. Singh

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Mr. Singh is the organizer of the rare pieces that Rikki Chadwick collects.


After Rikki began collecting jewelry pieces found on the seabed give it to a foundation that organized the positions of his discovery around the world. So she has a promoter to organize all of her life ahead of time.

In The Legend of Jiao Long when Ondina, Weilan and Mimmi were hidden catch Jiao Long Bracelet she activated the alarm that Mr. Singh, the security organization and two policemen rushed to see what was happening.

They created a flow of water in the air above Rikki threatening her will give the bracelet, but Rikki did not listen. The police arrived and they were invisible and fled, and water fell on Rikki.


  • He may or may not know about Rikki being a mermaid.


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