Portrayed By:
Paul Bishop
36-37 (Season 1)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Mitch is the trainer of the dolphins in Sea World Marine Park. He is also Cleo's boss. He was surprised of Cleo's connection to Ronnie, when he was first brought to Sea World, and thought he had a crush on her, but it really was just the fact that Cleo was a mermaid and was swimming with Ronnie earlier. Mitch enlisted Cleo on helping Ronnie to fit in with the new environment, and they found out that Ronnie was helping a pregnant dolphin in the next pool.

When Angela came in town, she coaxed a pelican to Sertori's House. Cleo thought is was stolen from Marine Park and took it back but was caught by Mitch. Mitch also thought Cleo stole it, but figured out it wasn't from the Marine Park soon and apologized for his hasty accusation. He only appears in two episodes of Season 1.