This article is about Miriam Kent from H2O: Mermaid Adventures. You may be looking for Miriam Kent from H2O: Just Add Water.
Miriam Kent (MA)

Miriam Kent (H2O Anime)

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Mayor (father)
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Miriam Kent is one of the characters in the animated series, H2O: Mermaid Adventures.


In Episode 2 of Season 1, "Caught in the Net", she is revealed to be the mayor's daughter.


Miriam is spoiled and selfish, and doesn't seem to take ownership for her actions. In "Caught in the Net", she accidentally lets Teddy the Turtle out of the center when he is injured, causing Cleo, Rikki, and Emma to try and find him. She also tries to manipulate Cleo into doing things for her until Cleo gets fed up.


Miriam has slightly tanned skin, and dark fuchsia hair. She wears lavender glasses, and typically wears a white shirt with ruffled edges, two purple straps, lavender polka dots, and a large purple belt. She wears lavender hoop earrings and a necklace with purple beads. She has a dark purple purse with a black clasp. She also wears purple capri pants and lavender pumps.


More coming soon...


  • She has purple hair, unlike her live action counterpart who is a blonde.


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