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Mimmi and Chris's relationship is one of the relationships in the Mako: Island of Secrets series.

The Job

When Chris saw Mimmi talking to a dolphin near the pool, he said that he has to report Mimmi, and that she would have to leave, because only workers were allowed there, Mimmi instead of fighting decides to leave. Chris followed Mimmi, but along the way they meet Dr. Ross and Rita Santos. Dr. Ross proceeded to introduce Chris to Mimmi, as a new worker. Chris was embarrassed of his actions, but Mimmi covered for him. Mimmi got a job in the Sea World Marine Park as souvenir vendor, but her cart ends up rolling into a pool. Dolphin who she was talking a few days ago wanted to talk to her, but Mimmi ignored him, which made the dolphin to act out and splash water on Mimmi. Mimmi had no other option, but to dive into the water. She hid under a bridge and listened to the conversation of Dr. Ross and Chris.Chris's dream was to be a dolphin trainer, Mimmi decided to help Chris and helped him train dolphins. Chris managed to get the job, but unfortunately he had to travel to the USA for three months and left Mimmi waiting for him.


  • Both love dolphins, the sea, and work at same place: Sea World Marine Park. He as a dolphin trainer and she as stuffed toy seller.
  • Chris breaks up with Mimmi in the fifteen episode of Season 3, because she doesn't tell him the truth about her true identity.
  • In the end of Season 3, Mimmi revealed to Chris that she is a mermaid and they share a kiss and restore their relationship.