Evie Metamorphosis

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Transform humans into merpeople

Metamorphosis is a magical transformation that happens when a human jumps into a Moon Pool when the Full Moon is up and becomes a merperson. When the moon is full, it passes over the volcano top of Mako Island or in front of the Sea Caves of Ireland and activates the magic in the water. During this time, any human that stays in the Moon Pool will be transformed into a mermaid/merman and given special powers over water.

This happened to Gracie, Julia, Louise, Cleo Sertori, Emma Gilbert, Rikki Chadwick, Bella Hartley and Charlotte Watsford in H2O: Just Add Water. The only human who became a merperson by metamorphosis in Mako: Island of Secrets was Evie McLaren.

The metamorphosis helped Zac Blakely regain his tail after his mother Nerissa put a spell on him to make him unable to grow a tail.


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