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  • Somewhere on this site, I found that the year was 1955 when the 50s mermaids happened. So, I subtracted 1955 from 16 and got 1939 (and added 16 + 1939 = 1955). This would give us a bases that 1939 was the year Gracie was brn and 1955, making her 16 when se was changed. But I also decided to do Charlotte's age (using the years the show was airing) and concluded that, in 2008-2009, she would be 18. Subtracting 2009 from 18, I got that she was born in 1991 and she would be 6 in 1997. Then, after seeing Annette was 43 in 2007-2008, making her 44 in 2009, I subtracted 2009 - 44 = 1965. 

    This ties back to Gracie because by 1965-1939 = 26, being the age Gracie had Annette and, by 1991-1939, he answer was 52, the age she was when Charlotte was born and 58 when she died in 1997.


    1939-Gracie's born

    1955- Gracie's 16 and a mermaid

    1965- Gracie's human again, 26, and gives birth to Annette

    1991- Gracie's 52, and a grandmother as Charlotte is born to Annette, who's also 25-26 years old.

    1997- Annette is 32, Charlotte is 6 and Gracie is 58 when she dies.

    Still basic, but this is a timeline I would use in any story regarding Gracie if needed. What do you thnk?

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  • Hi! I've always been meaning to talk to you and I just have tons of questions to ask you.

    For starters, where can I find your story? 

    And secondly, would you read a Charlotte Redemption story if it was really good and tons of people have read it?

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  • I had some questions that I'm hoping you can answer. Would the child of a mermaid/merman and a land person be a land person or a hybrid? When a mermaid/merman transforms and they have glasses in human form would they have perfect vision underwater or in mermaid/merman form? Do mermen travel together? (It said so under the Pods section of the Merpeople page)

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