Book 2

Mermaid Mythology Book

Mermaid Mythology is a fictional book in H2O universe.

Mermaid Mythology was published in 1908 in limited print. Lewis found the book on the net, and bought it. He thinks this book is real and factual, and published only as a fiction to get the info out as a "mermaid manual" of sorts.

In the book there's a whole section about mermaid powers: on how to control, enhance them and even how to get new ones. There are also recipes on potions that mermaids can use, like a "Wish Giving Potion". Cleo and Lewis were determined to test it out and got Emma and Rikki involved too. The book hasn't been seen after the mold takeover incident in the JuiceNet Café.

Wish Giving Potion recipe:

  • 2 spoon fulls of Golden algae
  • 1 tuft of unnamed deep sea seaweed
  • ½ of cup of 3 different types reef fungus (no certain names)
  • Three mermaid powers are needed to be used on it simultaneously
  • The mix needs to be smeared on a mermaid's face who is in a mermaid form
  • Then a wish can be made by others: either out loud, or only thinking of it (it may take a while for the wish to work)

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