Max K. Hamilton

Max Hamilton

Portrayed By:
Martin Vaughan (older)
Matthew Scully (younger)
67-68 (Season 2)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Unknown Family Members
Best Friends:
Love interest:
Gracie † (ex-girlfriend)

Max K. Hamilton was a good friend to Gracie, Louise Chatham, and Julia in the 1950s. He is played by Martin Vaughan in his old age and by Matthew Scully in his youth.


Max K. Hamilton was best friends with Gracie, Louise and, Julia. He was also in love with Gracie. When Max first discovered the 3 original mermaids, it made the friendship even stronger, since he was the first to know their secret. Max made 3 lockets shaped like water drops for each mermaid in order for them to embrace their transformations and started his research to find the cause of the girls transformation, which was similar to the work Lewis was doing 50 years later.

However, Gracie eventually left him because she found it hard to live life as a mermaid and refused to listen to his ideas of the cause of her transformation. She even tossed away the locket that Max made especially for her.

50 years later, Lewis found Max after discovering about his research on the Internet. After finding him, Max agreed to give his research to Lewis, after he takes him to Mako Island, there he reminiscent on old times with Gracie. Max went to the Moon Pool where he saw Cleo. He already suspected she was special, and splashed some water on her to be sure. Sure enough Cleo transformed into a mermaid. He then told Lewis and Cleo of his story. Later as promised he gave all his research to Lewis.



"Not a girl. The girl." "She was so beautiful." "Gracie was the one for me." - Max on what Gracie was to him

Gracie was the love of Max's life. When Gracie told Max she was a mermaid and arrived to Mako Island seeing Gracie, Louise, and Julia in mermaid form, he was surprised and was also okay keeping the secret for them. After, Max made lockets for all three of the mermaids and decided to wear them to remember what they were. Later, when Max was too obsessed with the mermaid research, Gracie got tired of it and threw her locket into the Moon Pool. Then, Gracie left him and Max was depressed in the present day.


  • Max made the lockets.
  • Max helped the original mermaids in the 50s, like Lewis in 2006 but with red hair rather than blonde hair.
  • Max is a good fisherman.


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