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Mako: Island of Secrets: Season 1: Episode 01: Outcasts

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Mako Mermaids In The Moon Pool

26th July, 2013 (Netflix)
26th July, 2013 (TEN au)
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Outcasts is the first episode and the series premiere of Mako: Island of Secrets


This episode begins with mermaids Nixie and Sirena swimming to see who can go faster. Then two members of the Mermaid Pod tell them to go on their duties Nixie asks why cant she celebrate with the mermaid pod but they say once they pass their test they will join the mermaid pod and celebrate. They go to Lyla and she says she will take the forshore and they take the rest.  Nixie and Sirena help young boys Zac and Cam catch a fish. They then decide to camp out on Mako Island. That night Zac puts his hand in the trident shape and it opens a portal to the moon pool. This causes him to recieve a blue tail and powers. The 3 Mermaids tell the mermaid pod and they blame them even though it wasnt their fault. Sirena, Lyla and Nixie decide to follow him to see what he does and to see if he has powers. He nearly shows cam his powers but the mermaids take control of the water so it doesnt work. He then falls in the ocean and discovers he has a tail.  After the Mermaids return to the Island. One of the mermaid pod members tells them they are being cast out and she gives sirena her moon ring. Zac then shows cam his tail and powers the show then ends. 


  • The main characters alongside supporting and recurring characters Evie, David, Cam and Aquata are introduced.
  • Sirena is the only mermaid who did not use her powers in this episode.
  • A new entrance to the Moon Pool is introduced.
  • Theme song "I Just Wanna Be", written by Chantelle Defina & Jack Dacy and performed by Amy Ruffle, is introduced.


  • International Airdates:
    • Netflix, the sole contributor of the series, internationally aired this episode along with twelve others on July 26th July, 2013. (Only countries with Netflix service).
    • Australia : July 26th, 2013 on TEN at 4:00pm under the name Mako: Island of Secrets.
  • Like H20, all underwater scenes were filmed in Sea World Australia.
  • The series was first announced in July 2011 and filming was suppose to begin in April 2012 but was postponed to May 8th 2012 and ran through until October 12th 2012.
  • Production value of season 1 total to A$12.3 million.



  • Zac: You aren't cauthing anything.
  • Cam: You are just worried i'll catch something before you do.

  • Sirena: Land People. Can you imagine living withouth a tail.
  • Nixie: Let's give them a hand cauthing something.

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