Lost And Found

Hatchlings Mermaids

May 27, 2016 (Netflix)
July 27, 2016 (Eleven)
Directed by:
John Hartley
Written by:
Sam Carroll
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Lost And Found is the 11th episode of season 3 of Mako: Island of Secrets.


While Ondina teaches the little mermaids to walk on land, her fastest-learning student wanders off and soon runs into Chris and Karl on the beach.


Ondina and Weilan take a class of young mermaids onto Mako Island to teach them how to walk on two legs. One of the mermaids named Amaris quickly gets the hang of walking and wanders off on her own to explore the island, forcing Ondina to go search for her. To make matters worse, Chris and Karl are sent to observe some sea turtles on Mako Island, right where Ondina and Weilan are teaching their class. Mimmi heads to the island to warn them of Chris and Karl's impending arrival and Weilan sends the other young mermaids to safety. Amaris soon runs into Chris and Karl and runs away frightened. As Chris, Karl, and the mermaids search for her together, Amaris continues to hide, fearful of interacting with land people. She then falls into the land entrance to the Moon Pool and is able to swim back to the beach where Ondina finally finds her. Amaris then apologizes for worrying everyone and promises to never wonder off on her own again. Meanwhile, Cam suggests modifying the recipe of the cafe's most popular burger to save money but David is against the idea. To resolve the matter, they ask Zac to act as their taste tester for the burgers. Ultimately Zac declares that the burger should be left alone.



  • The cave that Amaris uses to run away from Chris is the exact same entrace to the moon pool that the original girls use to get there.
  • This is the first time young mermaids are shown with legs.
  • As suggested by Mimmi, when Ondina was a hatchling, she was carried away by a water current and the pod had to look for her for days.


  • When Amaris is waving goodbye to Chris, seen from the back, she has her hand at head height. Viewed from the front, her hand is at shoulder level.




Mako Mermaids - Season 3 Episode 11 - Lost and Found

Mako Mermaids - Season 3 Episode 11 - Lost and Found