Stay or Go

Stay or Go

May 29, 2015 (Netflix)
July 19, 2015 (TENplay)
Directed by:
Grant Brown
Written by:
Max Dann
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Stay or Go is the 23rd episode of season 2 of Mako: Island of Secrets.


At the marine park, Ondina and Mimmi get into trouble when a dolphin splashes them and a little girl sees them transform into mermaids.


Mimmi is heartbroken by Ondina's decision to leave the pod and refuses to speak to her. While working at the marine park, a little girl steals a toy dolphin and Mimmi pursues her. Ondina comes to the park to talk to Mimmi about her decision to stay the land. However, both of them ends up getting splashed by the dolphins. The girls transform and are forced to hide, but not without the little girl seeing them. The girl draws in a huge crowd to show everyone the mermaids. Sirena is able to get them out of trouble by telling the crowd that Mimmi and Ondina are actresses in mermaid costumes for an attraction. She then gets Mimmi and Ondina to reconcile. Meanwhile Cam and Carly have their first date fishing near Mako Island. Their boat's anchor gets stuck forcing them to swim to the island and await rescue. Much to Cam's humiliation, any attempt he makes to impress Carly, she does better. Zac arrives and helps Cam by freeing the anchor and letting him take the credit to impress her. Back at Rita's grotto, the girls decide that they must find a way to get the pod to see that humans and mermen can be trusted so they can live in both worlds.





Mako Mermaids - Season 2 Episode 23 - Stay or Go

Mako Mermaids - Season 2 Episode 23 - Stay or Go