Meeting Rita

Mako Mermaids With Legs

July 26, 2013 (Netflix)
August 09, 2013 (TEN)
Directed by:
Evan Clarry
Written by:
Max Dann
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Meeting Rita is the third episode of Mako: Island of Secrets.


Attempting to capture Zac in his natural environment, Sirena, Lyla, and Nixie follow him to school. When their plan fails, the school principal, Rita Santos confronts them and confiscates Sirena's Moon Ring. In trying to get the Moon Ring back, the mermaids uncover Rita's secret – she too is a mermaid! Begrudgingly, Rita agrees to help the mermaids while they’re on land.


  • This episode marks the introduction of Rita and Carly Morgan.
  • Zac and his friends start their first day of school.
  • Unlike H2O, the name of the school is revealed to be Suncoast High.
  • When the girls follow Zac to school they attend Biology class which they find is barbaric for humans (land people) to teach their children.
  • First time one of the moon rings is stolen. 
  • First appearance of The Suncoast High.



  • Cam: I'm Cam. I'm a life saver too. You guys new in town? Need any advice or something.
  • Sirena: Where's Zac going?
  • Cam: School. Suncoast High. What about you guys what school?
  • Nixie: That's where we're going too.



Mako Mermaids Season 01 Episode 03 Meeting Rita

Mako Mermaids Season 01 Episode 03 Meeting Rita