The Lorelei

Lorelei is the name of Louise Chatham's boat. Apparently it was in very good shape in the past as time grew on, however, Louise Chatham mainly kept her boat in the marina and used it as her home.

However, Miss Chatham's boat apparently caused Zane Bennett trouble in the past from jet ski scratches and dents. It got to a point where Zane Bennett took drastic action as revenge on Louise Chatham in "Shipwrecked" when he got the harbor master involved.

The harbor master inspected her boat and found it un-seaworthy, as it had rot in its structural frame work. In the night Louise Chatham snuck on board the Lorelei and sailed away.

The next day, Zane Bennett noticed that this jet ski had been damaged again, and set out to find Miss Chatham. Zane talked with Miss Chatham and accidentally made her have a heart attack. Unsure what to do, Zane waited till Lewis and Emma arrived and took Miss Chatham to the hospital. Zane stayed on-board the Lorelei to look for her treasure.

However, Zane accidentally knocked a lamp, which contained oil. The oil began to drip onto the boats hot engine and caused a big explosion. Emma and Lewis saw the explosion and Emma dived into the ocean, to save him.

The Lorelei started to sink and Emma managed to save Zane from drowning. However, Zane began to black out, but just before he did, he caught a sight of Emma's tail, which led him to his great "Sea Monster Chase".

Believing that a "sea monster" was in that boat when he was about to faint, Zane starts having nightmares about it and is obsessed with the monster, making him drag Nate along to find it.

When they scuba-dived to see the shipwreck Nate got scared of the sharks and climbed back into the boat, while Zane continued and managed to see Emma as a "Mermaid with Red Hair".

From that day on he was sure that a sea monster had saved him but that now he discovered that it was a real mermaid that led him to his father and Dr. Denman to discover the secret of the mermaids.


  • The boat was quite likely named after a 19th-century water spirit of Germanic folklore: A Nixie named Lorelei, who would sit on a large rock at the River Rhine and lure seafarers to their doom with her voice.
  • Currently Lorelei is shipwrecked in the seas of Mako Island.
  • Miss Chatham has not received anyone in Lorelei in 23 years.