Portrayed By:
Matthew O'Kine
34-35 (Season 2)
35-36 (Season 3)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Laurie is one of the minor characters in H2O: Just Add Water played by Matthew O'Kine.


Laurie is a marine biologist that works at the Sea World Marine Park. He's a good friend of Cleo and Lewis. In the episode "In Hot Water," he and Mrs. Geddes accused Lewis for Ronnie's disappearance from the Marine Park. In "Fish Fever," he cured Hector from the infection he got from a coral, while unknowingly helping Emma too. In "Keep Your Enemies Close," he hired Cleo as assistant dolphin trainer and taught Cleo how to train dolphins. Cleo eventually got her own show at the dolphin tank. Laurie also appeared at the episodes "Power Play" and "Too Close for Comfort." None of the cast returns to the Marine Park for the rest of the series after the episode "Too Close For Comfort". It is not known what happens to Laurie after his last episode.


Laurie is a young handsome man that enjoys his job, as well as, takes it seriously. He has a darker skin complexion with brown eyes, he also has a lean body structure. The only outfits he was shown with, were dark blue dolphin training outfits and black shorts.