Joe Driving a Boat

Portrayed By:
21-22 (Season 1)
22-23 (Season 2)
23-24 (Season 3)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
David (younger brother)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father

Joe is the older brother of David.


Joe works as a delivery man for Ocean Cafe, and is usually late. He likes boats and recently bought a new one. He managed to convince David to take a ride with him in it. While boating, Joe noticed something weird swimming under them and started chasing it. Nixie was the one who Joe spotted and he chased her to the canal where Nixie got caught in the net. Joe was about to jump into the water to take a closer look, when Zac and Lyla used their powers to mess with his boat. Sirena managed to get Nixie free from the net and they swam away talking in dolphin, so Joe would thing it was a dolphin he chased. Then the water police arrived and confiscated his new boat. Throughout his appearances, Joe is shown to be a rather greedy and selfish man. He constantly belittles his younger brother and his first only priority in life is to make more money. Joe is an living example of a land people that cannot be trusted with learning the existence of mermaids as he not only runs fishing company, but he would surely try to make a profit at the mermaids expense due to his greedy persona.

In season three, he and David witness the water dragon attack. He also threatened to close down the cafe to make more money not caring what David or anyone else had to say about it. He refuses to reverse his decision until Cam buys off his half of the cafe and becomes the new co owner.


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