Jiao Long Bracelet

Dragon Bracelet

Break the Water Dragon spell on a mermaid or human
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The Jiao Long Bracelet is a mystical relic that serves as the deactivating device on the Water Dragon spell.


According to the Legend of Jiao Long, centuries ago in China, a spirit of water (a Chinese Mermaid) used the bracelet to remove the spell of the Water Dragon cast on a land boy who was transformed into the Dragon by another Eastern pod as punishment for falling in love with a mermaid. The mermaid he fell in love with used the bracelet to break the spell.

The bracelet is made of gold and ruby stones. Existing since the Shang Dynasty, it was found many years later by Rikki Chadwick in the East China Sea at a depth of 1000 meters.

Mimmi, Ondina and Weilan, with Zac's help, tried to get the bracelet in hopes of defeating the same Water Dragon that was threatening their pod, but the venture was unsuccessful. After Weilan and Ondina gave sufficient reason to Rikki, she gave it to the girls, and who then used it to restore Nerissa—the mermaid who became the Dragon. The bracelet is currently in Mimmi's possession.


The bracelet's power is activated by the Full Moon and the power of a mermaid. It has the power to break the spell of the Water Dragon and restore it to its original form.



  • The bracelet can only be used by a mermaid.