H2O: Just Add Water
Soundtrack album by Indiana Evans

H2O 2011 OST Cover


February 17, 2011 (iTunes)
March 18, 2011 (World)

Recorded 2010-2011

Pop, rock
Dance-pop soundtrack

Length 37:31

H2O: Just Add Water is the television soundtrack for season three of the children's television show of the same name. It is sung by actress Indiana Evans and features twelve tracks.


Track Listing

No. Title Length
1. "No Ordinary Girl" 2:58
2. "Work It Out" 3:46
3. "Come Back To You" 3:16
4. "I Believe" 3:06
5. "If You Could Stay" 3:02
6. "I Don't Mind" 2:46
7. "Who Am I" 3:35
8. "Now or Never" 3:09
9. "I'm the Kinda Girl" 3:00
10. "Pretty Baby" 2:50
11. "Your Everything" 3:15
12. "No Ordinary Girl (You-sing-it/Intrumental)" 2:56


  • A German CD from ZDF called "Die Musik zur Serie" was released in 2010, and most of the songs from the album, along with several by Kate Alexa from the 2007 soundtrack.
  • Some of the songs had different titles while in production; "Work It Out" was originally titled "Ready to Fly", and "Your Everything" was originally called "Feels So Right". "If You Could Stay", however, was never titled "The Girl With Everything" as believed by many fans.

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