This article is about H2O: Just Add Water, an app for iPhone and iPod touch. You may be looking for the TV-show named H2O: Just Add Water.

H2O: Just Add Water is an American/German app for iPhone and iPod touch.


This app is a really useful sticker book. Create awesome collages with the whole cast. Use items and ornaments to add bling to your work. You'll even find Emma in this app.

You can give away pictures to get the items that are in the pictures you send. Give away items you have by putting them around the Moon Pool. If you want, you can put items near the Moon Pool.

Touch the moon for star gazing at Mako Island. On full moon, the items you give away will bring you new items, characters, backgrounds, ornaments and powers.

Powers can be used as erasers. There are seven. Use them to make the items go away and start over.

  • Firework (🎆)
  • Wave (🌊)
  • Snow (❄)
  • Pop (✨)
  • Wind (🎑)
  • Smoke (♨)
  • No power (X)