Canadian Mermaid

The Canadian Mermaid singing the Northern Pod Enchantment Song and then attacking the camera man

The Enchantment Song is a magical song that, when sung by a mermaid, can hypnotize a land boy. In ancient times, this would cause the land boys to drown.

In the Mako Pod, their song was used hundreds of years ago on sailors to crash them onto rocks. For this reason, this songs has long been forbidden. The song doesn't make them able to control land boys, but instead makes land boys follow them around. Lyla had planned to use it on Zac. It enchanted David by accident and he followed NixieDavid couldn't help staring, following, and pleasing Nixie. The enchantment was removed when Sirena blew into a particular conch shell.

In the Northern Pod, their Enchantment Song could affect mermaids from other pods as well as land boys and mermen. The song was used to lure sailors into the water and make them forget who they are, their lives, and invoke a desire to be with that mermaid. If a foreign mermaid hears it, it will enchant her and make her find a target to sing to, but Northern mermaids are immune. To stop the enchantment, mermaids must sing a counter version of the song. They have been banned from the Northern Pod for over two hundred years.


Southern Pod

Would you come with me?
We'll swim the deep blue sea...
Ahh, ahh, ahh...

Northern Pod

Into the sea
Hold you close to me
Slide 'neath the waves
Down into the caves
Kiss me, my love
Come rest in my arms
Dream your dreams with me
Slide beneath the sea
Come to me, my love
Forget the land above.

Counter version

Ooh, Ooah, stay away from me
Release thee, from thy spell
Back to the land of life
Spell is all but gone
Now you're free.




  • This is the third time a siren song has been mentioned in the series between H2O and Mako Mermaids. The first time was in The Siren Effect and the second time was in the Mako episode, The Siren.
  • Since Mimmi clearly states that she is the only one who is immune to the Northern siren song, despite Zac being a Northern merman, it is presumed that the song is effective on Northern mermen as well.
  • The styles of the music should be noted as well. The Mako Pod's song is light and happy, while the Northern Pod's song is calm and deep. The Enchantment Songs could reflect the attitudes of the two pods.