Emma's House

Emma's House is located just off the Marine.

It is a large house, which is very modern. There is also a swimming pool at the back of the house and it was revealed in "Moon Spell" of season 1.

A lot of scenes have taken place in Emma's House. For example:

  • Emma's sleepover.
  • Cleo, Emma and Rikki pretend to be ill, because of the rain.
  • Emma becomes the first girl to be moonstruck.
  • Emma and Byron share their first kiss.
  • Emma turns into a sea monster and eats 2 whole lobsters.
  • Ash prepares delicious meal for Emma, while Cleo and Rikki are moonstruck.
  • Emma's dad's birthday party in the house.
  • All the girls become moonstruck.

And many more...


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