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Elliot Gilbert


Portrayed By:
11-12 (Season 1)
12-13 (Season 2)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Neil Gilbert (father)
Lisa Gilbert (mother)
Emma Gilbert (older sister)
Thea Gilbert (aunt)
Emma's Grandmother (grandmother)

Elliot Gilbert is Emma's younger brother. He is portrayed by Trent Sullivan.


Elliot had a crush on Rikki Chadwick after she saved him from drowning in "Young Love". But she turned him down and broke his heart. He later had a crush on Kim Sertori for quite a while, so he asked Lewis for advice and finally got the courage to ask her out on a date to the Sea World Marine Park, but Kim never liked him, she only went with him because he offered her bubblegum in her favorite flavor. Cleo & Lewis had to go to supervise them. The date didn't go too well, because Kim was making Elliot buy everything that she saw. When they got back from the Marine park, Elliot dumped Kim. He didn't appear in Season 3 because he's traveling the world with his family like Emma.

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