Portrayed By:
Chris Palframan
39-40 (Season 1)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Eddie is a fisherman who worked for Donald Sertori on his fishing boat.


But he didn't fish by the rules. He used old nets that didn't have the openings for turtles who might be caught in them. On occasion he even fished in forbidden waters. While swimming as mermaids, Emma and Rikki saw one turtle caught in his nets, and cut it loose. The fishermen all thought it was a rogue shark who shredded the net.

The next day, Eddie again went to the forbidden waters. Cleo overheard him, and wanted to stop him, but got caught in the net. Emma used her freezing power on the boat to stop Eddie from hoisting her on board. Later, Cleo told Don all about Eddie's activities, who fired Eddie on the spot.


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