Cleo Massey

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November 19, 1993
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
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Cleo Massey (born 19 November 1993 in Launceston, Tasmania) is an Australian actress. She is most famous for playing Kim Sertori in the television series H2O: Just Add Water. Coincidentally, she shares the same first name with her character's older sister, Cleo Sertori.


Her mother is Anna Waters Massey (the two of them acted together in Humidity Rising), and her brother is Australian child actor Joey Massey (who also briefly appeared in H2O episodes "Surprise!" and "In Hot Water"). Cleo also has one close friend, Nicole, that she counts to be 'part of the family'.


Year: Title: Role:
2006 Mortified Brittany's Cheer Squad
2006 Humidity Rising Chrissy
2006 Monarch Cove Young Bianca
2008 Vigilante Battered Child
2009 I.C.U. Dinnertable Daughter
2010 The Little Things Young Dee
2010 Futility Jade McIntyre
2006 - 2010 H2O: Just Add Water Kim Sertori
2011 People Watching Young Mom
2012 I'm Home (short) Meg
2013 Denial (short) Gidget
2013 Free You Be You (short) Lead
2015 Dynamic Pizza Cheryl
2016 Paul and Elaine (TV Series) Annoying girl
2017 Dynamic Pizza Mortecia


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