Cleo's House

Cleo's House

Cleo's House is just near the canal. It's a two-story house, with a large garden and a jetty for mooring boats.

Lots of scenes have taken place at Cleo's House, such as:

  • Cleo discovers her new stronger powers.
  • Cleo and Kim find out that their father is getting married.
  • Cleo finds a missing pelican in their bath.
  • Bella gets kidnapped by the water tentacle.
  • Emma discovers her first mermaid power.
  • Bella and Rikki join the necklaces together and make the power go out.
  • Cleo's fish, Hector, gets trapped in Moon Pool water.
  • Charlotte shows everyone her first power.
  • Cleo discovers she's mermaid in the bath tub.

And many more...


  • The set was located 9km (6 miles) north of the center of Gold Coast at Runaway Bay. Show me on the map


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