This article is about Chris from H2O: Just Add Water. You may be looking for Chris from Mako: Island of secrets.

Criminal Chris

Portrayed by:
Leon Cain
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Chris is a one-off character in H2O: Just Add Water played by Leon Cain.


Chris is Steve's partner in crime making fake money. Steve sent Chris to buy food for their travels. Chris went to Rikki's Café and ordered ten spaghetti bolognese, and dozen sandwiches they can make the quickest. He then wrote down his address and offered to tip whoever delivered the order to him.

When Will Benjamin arrived with the order, Chris payed him with fake money, and told to keep the change, obviously, not caring one bit about the money. After a while the owner of Rikki's came and informed that they were payed with fake bills, and requested to be reimbursed. Chris asked Rikki inside, but Steve saw that Rikki started to suspect something and took Rikki hostage.

Eventually Rikki's friends showed up and called the police, Will even tossed their counterfeits into the river. Chris and Steve tried to run away, but were arrested.