Charlotte's House

Charlotte's House, is where Charlotte Watsford lives with her mother Annette Watsford in a large house on the banks of the canal, it has a large garden, with a swimming pool and a terrace, where Charlotte talked to her mother about Gracie. It appears that Charlotte's house is next to a river, as a party boat came upstream at Lewis' birthday party.

Charlotte's house only appears in Season 2 and only in a few episodes. Memorable Scenes:

  • Charlotte throwing Lewis McCartney a surprise birthday party.
  • Charlotte showing her mother the old film that she stole from Cleo's House.
  • Charlotte, using her powers, holds Cleo and Emma in the boiler room and purposely transforms both of them into mermaids.
  • Charlotte creating a frozen water ball in the shape of Cleo Sertori's face and throwing it into her swimming pool.
  • She intentionally gets moonstruck to lures the other mermaids to Mako Island.


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