Canadian Mermaid

Canadian Mermaid Attacking

Portrayed By:
Melina Vidler
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Canadian Mermaid is a Northern mermaid and a member of the Northern Pod.


The Canadian Mermaid was captured on a tape while floating on the surface and singing the Northern Pod Enchantment Song. She then dragged one kayaking man underwater and attacked the cameraman.

The video was later posted online. When Sirena watched the video, she fell under the effects of the enchantment.


This mermaid seems much more wild and wicked compared to other mermaids who only used their powers for self-defense as she attacked two men unprovoked.

Mermaid Powers

The Canadian Mermaid possesses the ability to swim at super speed of 600km/h, hold her breath for more than fifteen minutes, and dive at a depth lower than any ordinary human being.

Like all natural mermaids, she possesses Hydrokinesis, Telekinesis, and Atmokinesis.

Siren Singing

In "The Siren", she is seen enchanting a kayaker with the Northern Pod Enchantment Song on video. Her voice can cloud the mind and make men completely oblivious to the dangers around them. The mermaid's victim was completely unaware of the mermaid dragging him underwater and did not struggle.



  • Being a Northern mermaid, she's immune to the Northern Pod Enchantment Song and Snow Rash.
  • Being a Northern mermaid, she may have resistance to low temperatures as she swims in the colder waters around Canada.