Bev Sertori

Cleo's Mother

Portrayed By:
Deborah Coulls
35-36 (Season 1)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Donald Sertori (Ex-Husband)
Cleo Sertori (Daughter)
Kim Sertori (Daughter)
Angela (Niece)

Bev Sertori is Cleo and Kim's mother. In the beginning of Season 2, she divorced her husband.

After Divorce

After her divorce to Donald Sertori Bev is described as "happy" and it is mentioned that the girls can visit her anytime they want to. Any such interaction must occur off screen as it is never mentioned or shown on screen. In "Hocus Pocus", Cleo has Don make a wish, thinking he'd wish for her mother back. In other episodes, Kim, Don and Cleo refer to their mother, saying they wish she was still around.


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