Bernie the Hermit Crab


Voiced By:
Bruce Dinsmore
Hermit Crab
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Best Friends:
Emma Gilbert
Cleo Sertori
Rikki Chadwick
Lewis McCartney
Zita the Eel
Teddy the Turtle
Sue the Manta Ray
Carlotta the Jellyfish
Bobby and Robby the Spinner Dophin twins
Murray the Moray Eel
Danny the Octopus
Burke the Hammerhead Shark

Bernie the Hermit Crab is one of the Main characters in the animated series, H2O: Mermaid Adventures.

The hermit crab is a little fellow who can be characterized by his expression “It always happens to me!” He has a plastic toy car for a shell and a kind of Alladin's cave full of treasures for a home. He sees himself as the General of the underwater world and has authority over the whole underwater community (except the Vandals). Bernie is the essential link with the girls and, through them, with the world of humans. When something goes wrong underwater, he comes and finds the girls. Let's say they all have a common duty to protect and restore the harmony and safety of the Bay.