Nate's Band And Bella

Bella and Nate's Band (also known as Bella and The Band as well as just simply The Band) is a pop/rock band formed by Nate for the performances at Rikki's Café. Nate was originally the lead singer, but Rikki deemed him terrible and they replaced him with Bella.

About the Band

The Band Unhappy

Nate formed the band for the performances at Rikki's Cafe. Nate was originally the lead singer, but his voice was terrible and got replaced by Bella. The drummer left the band because of Nate criticizing him and got replaced by Lewis. Lewis remained being in the band until his departure to America and got replaced by the same drummer who left the band. The band is known mainly for their performances at the cafe and performed many original songs there. The band refuses to play any song that is not their original. They also performed at the beach party in Beach Party.


Band Rocking
  • Isabella Hartley - lead vocals
  • Nate - keyboards, lead vocals (until he got replaced by Bella)
  • Lewis McCartney - drums (replacing the former drummer until his departure)
  • Jason - drummer (left the band because of Nate's voice, but returned due to Lewis' departure)
  • Unnamed lead guitarist (portrayed by Jarreau La Castra)
  • Unnamed bass player (portrayed by Hamish Orr)
  • Unnamed bass player (portrayed by Remy Hill), who got later replaced.


Episodes That Featured The Band

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