Barry Rollins


Portrayed By:
Cory Robinson
34-35 (Season 1)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Love interest:
Barry's Girl (Girlfriend)

Barry Rollins is a fake name used by a sketchy character on the docks, who conducts illegal fish sales. He is played by Cory Robinson.


He saw Rikki with a rare fish and mentioned that, that sort of job pays well. He also lied that he worked for the Sea World Marine Park as a fish breeder. Rikki started working for him, delivering fish that she caught while being a mermaid. But after Rikki saw the fish she caught at the JuiceNet Café she started to suspect Barry is not who he says he is. Rikki confronted Barry and he confirmed her suspicions. Rikki then followed Barry to his work-base, but got caught by Barry's muscleman. Rikki used her powers openly on the people who worked for Barry. Emma and Cleo helped her with their powers secretly. Rikki eventually backed Barry into corner on the jetty and Barry fell in. Then Rikki started to boil the water, but Emma and Cleo stopped Rikki before she hurt Barry too much. Barry was arrested for selling fish without a license, due to Lewis' call to the police.

Barry probably knows that Rikki is not a normal girl, since she used her powers openly on him, and the other girls asked her to stop hurting him, when she just gestured at the water and it boiled around him.


  • His real identity is never revealed.


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